How to Make Fitness a Daily Routine

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    Designate a specific time for fitness. You can adhere to a routine if you set aside specific daily times for exercise. Without a scheduled timeframe, you may be more likely to stray from your daily fitness commitment.
    • Choose a time that compliments your daily schedule. For example, if you join a gym located near your place of work, you can exercise early in the morning before you go to work, or in the afternoons or evenings following your work shift.
    • Give yourself at least 20 minutes per day for fitness and exercise. Although the time you spend on fitness and exercise may vary depending on the activities you perform, at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise (such as running, swimming, or basketball) is required for an optimal workout.
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    Set fitness goals. In most cases, goals will force you to establish a routine in order to meet those goals. For example, if your goal is to lose a certain amount of weight within a specific timeframe, you will more than likely have to exercise consistently on a daily basis to meet your weight goal.
    • Consult with a certified fitness trainer or expert to help you set realistic fitness goals if you are unsure of the timeframe in which you can achieve your goals.
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    Choose a fitness activity you enjoy. You will be more likely to establish and adhere to a daily routine if you genuinely enjoy the activity you are performing. For example, if you enjoy playing a specific sport, join a team or league for that sport in your neighborhood or at a gym.
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    Perform short, less intense exercises in the beginning. If your routine is too strenuous or intense up front, you may dread exercising; however, if you feel comfortable and satisfied with your initial exercise routine, it may increase the likelihood of fitness becoming a permanent daily routine.
    • Walk up and down flights of stairs instead of taking elevators or escalators, and park your automobile in the farthest spot away from your destination to increase your daily activity in the beginning.
    • Work your way slowly up to your exercise goals. For example, if you want to make running part of your daily fitness routine, start out by walking at a brisk pace until your body feels comfortable and ready for jogging or running.
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    Prepare your fitness equipment in advance. This will allow you to attend your workout without taking the extra time to prepare or pack your equipment, which can be helpful if your daily schedule is extremely busy.
    • Pack your gym bag for the following day on a nightly basis, or keep your fitness equipment in your car or in a locker at the gym.
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    Take breaks as needed. If you exercise on a daily basis even on days when you are especially tired or sore, you may become resentful of your fitness routine and lose the motivation to work out.
    • Allow your body to rest and recover 1 or 2 days per week. If you feel guilty about missing a workout, or want to maintain a routine even when you are tired, perform a milder activity such as housework or strolling around your neighborhood.

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