How to Get Fit in 10 Minutes a Day

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    Not everybody has the time to visit the gym regularly, sometimes life just requires you to work more and leaves you less time for yourself. 10 minutes a day will never bring you the results you can achieve by working out 60 minutes a day. No matter what magic product you use. So remember this fact. You can however improve your fitness level if you make use of those 10 minutes efficiently.
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    Pick a few basic exercises which you can do well. Such as jumping jacks, push ups and jumping rope for example.
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    Give all you got; since you will only be working out 10 minutes a day, make every second counts.
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    Do not be lazy; never skip a workout. You can always find 10 minutes to do your exercises.
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    That is it pretty much. Time really is no excuse for being lazy. You can do a 5 min workout when you wake up and 5 when you go to bed. That still will be more than when you would do nothing. You might wonder: "What can I do in 5 minutes"? In 5 minutes you could do 100 push-ups 100 knee raises and 50 Jumping Jacks for example. And that will be much more than the average person does. And what is more, your fitness level would improve. Eventually you will get addicted to the feeling of exercise because it makes your body feel fitter and better. Which on its turn will inspire you to work out longer. So no excuses!


star tips

  • Do not skip. And if you do skip make sure you work out longer next time
  • Use every minute you have
  • Make every minute count
  • Remember to do this everyday for the best affect!
  • Get a partner to join you, extra motivation always helps.
  • You can do it! Don't be lazy.
  • if u get tired then take a little break and have water, have fun!! xx

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