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9 of The Coolest Countries

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World's Happiest Country: Colombia
World's Happiest Country: Colombia

We already knew that Colombians were people with a lot of flavor, delicious dishes, and high spirits, so for many it won't come as a surprise that being happy and hopeful would also be one of their greatest characteristics. According to a recently released poll by the WIN/ Gallup International Association, the South American country placed first on the "Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness," which surveyed individuals in 54 countries.

The survey found that Colombians are almost twice as happy as the global average.

Brazil and Peru were also among the Latin American countries listed within the top 10 of the world's happiest, taking the third and eighth positions.




World's Most Pessimistic Country: France
World's Most Pessimistic Country: France
Despite having food, wine, and scenery that are the envy of the world, a new study has revealed the French to be the most downbeat people on the planet.

The annual survey, carried out by the polling institute BVA-Gallup for the daily newspaper Le Parisien, spoke to the residents of 51 countries across all five continents to measure levels of optimism and pessimism. The survey found that wealth has little to do with overall happiness, with the gloomiest people found in Europe while the happiest were mostly in Africa and Asia.

The unhappiest countries were in Europe, with France at the top, receiving a negative score of 79. (Source)



Cleanest Country: Iceland
Cleanest Country: Iceland
Iceland is the cleanest country in the world. According to researchers at Yale and Columbia Universities, the Nordic island ranks first out of 163 countries on their Environmental Performance Index.

Researchers ranked countries based on 25 indicators, including water and air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and the impact of the environment on the health of the population. A score of 100 is excellent. Sierra Leone ranks at the bottom of the list with a score of 32. The U.S. ranks in the middle of the pack with 63.5. Iceland took top honors with a score of 93.5 thanks to ample clean water, lots of protected nature areas, good national health care, and a plenitude of usually clean geothermal power. (Source)



The Best Country For Women: New Zealand
The Best Country For Women: New Zealand
The Economist created an index showing the countries where women are most likely to be treated equally at work based on the labor-force participation rate, the wage gap, the proportion of women in senior jobs, and the cost of child care compared to wages, among other factors. New Zealand comes out on top, and other notorious lady-paradises such as Finland and Sweden also score highly. The countries where working women have it worst are South Korea and Japan, largely because so few women are in top jobs. The U.S. is roughly in the middle of the pack.

The biggest gender gaps in employment, though, are in Ecuador and Saudi Arabia. (Source)



World's Most Pacifistic Country: Iceland
World's Most Pacifistic Country: Iceland
The concept of peace is difficult to define – and even more difficult to measure. However, since 2006 the Global Peace Index has defined peace as the "absence of violence" and has sought to determine what cultural attributes and institutions are associated with states of peace. The most recent ranking in 2012 has Iceland as the most peaceful country, followed by Denmark and New Zealand. At the other end of the spectrum, Somalia is considered the least peaceful country, followed by Afghanistan and Sudan. (Source)



Most Educated Country: Canada
Most Educated Country: Canada
Based on a study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of the 10 countries with the highest proportion of college-educated adult residents. Topping the chart is Canada — the only nation in the world where more than half of its residents can proudly hang college degrees on their walls. In 2010, 51% of the population had completed a tertiary education, which takes into account both undergraduate and graduate degrees

Snagging the number two most-educated spot was Israel, which trailed Canada by 5%. Japan, the U.S., New Zealand, and South Korea all ranked, with more than 40% of their citizens having a higher-education degree. (Source)



Unfriendliest Country: Bolivia
Unfriendliest Country: Bolivia
When you're traveling, some countries just don't like you, or at least it can certainly feel that way. A new report released in March 2013 by the World Economic Forum has ranked which countries roll out the welcome mat to travelers, and which give the cold shoulder.

Among the extensive analyses, one of the most interesting rankings was how welcome tourists are in each country. So, what is the world's most unfriendly country according to the data?

Bolivia took the dubious honor, scoring a 4.1 out of seven on a scale of "very unwelcome" (0) to "very welcome" (7). Venezuela and the Russian Federation were next.

Which countries are the most welcoming to foreigners? That would be Iceland, New Zealand, and Morocco. (Source)



World's Richest Country: Qatar
World's Richest Country: Qatar
Forbes Magazine recently created and published a list of the richest countries in the world. In the ranking of the World's Top 10 Richest Countries as of October 2012, Qatar came in first, topping Luxembourg which was positioned second. Qatar is an oil rich country with an abundance of natural resources, such as natural gas.


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Humour in the classroom

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Our latest teaching tip looks at how using humour in the classroom can help with classroom management as well as create a warm atmosphere and help relax students.

Watch Dale demonstrating some simple techniques for introducing elements of humour with a likes and dislikes activity and discussing his ideas.

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Who can be first person to guess what this is?

Making snow for the Olympics

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True or false game 








Little Red Riding Hood

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Ten little aeroplanes

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Tell me about aeroplanes!

  • Which number aeroplane in the song is your favourite?
  • Have you ever been in an aeroplane? If so, tell us about your trip. If not, would you like to one day?
  • Would you like to be a pilot when you grow up?

Practise counting from one to ten with a song about ten little aeroplanes.


Nut hunt

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It's autumn and Sally Squirrel is collecting nuts for the winter. Can you help her collect nuts before it gets too cold?


a squirrel


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