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Be safe with fireworks

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Fireworks are great fun, but they can also be dangerous. Learn about being safe around fireworks with this matching activity.


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για fireworks

Lottery Comedy – A Walk in the Park

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A bored park keeper dreams of buying a luxury caravan. One day, he discovers a way to make his dream come true. However, to get the money he will have to do something very strange … 


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Gran’s adventures

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Quiz Your Noodle: The Brain

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Put your thinking cap on and see how many of these questions about the brain you can answer.


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Cooking with Chef Trabocchi

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Award-winning chef Fabio Trabocchi grew up in Italy and learned to cook from his father and grandparents. Now in Washington, D.C., Trabocchi is helping his son Luca, 10, learn to cook— everything from pastry doughs and pasta to grilled sandwiches and fish. Trabocchi’s second restaurant is named after Luca, and his third, Fiola Mare, just opened in February. “Cooking together—whether it’s professionally or just at home—will be something we always do, it’s our way of life,” says the chef. Watch the duo cook Luca’s favorite sandwich in the video.

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The Dumping Ground Game

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Play the Dumping Ground game with all the gang, now featuring two brand new games – Snack Stacker and Knick-Knack Attack. You can play live against your CBBC Friends, or even send a challenge for your mates to play later.


How to Come up With a Good Idea

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  1. Come up With a Good Idea Step 1.jpg
    Start off by thinking of what you want the idea for. Is it to write a book, invent a new innovation, to write a good story for a magazine, or to throw someone a themed party? Whatever it is, it's always a good idea to do a bit of deeper research into the topic and what ideas have already been thought of.
  2. Come up With a Good Idea Step 2.jpg
    Try looking for inspiration. Try going on a holiday or traveling somewhere new. You never know–in a fresh, new place, so many ideas that you have never thought of before can come drifting over to you! Also, read a lot of books and be inspired by ideas that have already been thought of to come up with your own.
  3. Come up With a Good Idea Step 3.jpg
    You may want to reflect on interesting events that have previously happened to you. You are unique and things that have happened to you may be of interest to others.
  4. Come up With a Good Idea Step 4.jpg
    Don't give up! Don't get frustrated if you can't think of any ideas at the moment. Your brain will not be able to think properly if you get frustrated. Try drinking sufficient amounts of water, exercising efficiently and sleeping a lot so that your brain will be fresh, able to work and able to incorporate ideas into whatever you've been looking for ideas for.


Making snow for the Olympics

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True or false game 








Carnival Shooter

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Why I Hate School But Love Education

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