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Your favourite colour

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Painted hands

What's your favourite colour? Colours can sometimes have special meanings. Red can sometimes make us feel angry, yellow can make us feel happy and blue can make us feel sad. Do colours have a special meaning in your culture?

World Book Day

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boy reading a book

April 23rd is World Book Day in many countries. Do you celebrate World Book Day where you live? Do you like reading? What's your favourite book? 

What makes you laugh?

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What makes you laugh a lot? When was the last time you really laughed out loud? 


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Do you like watching television? What are your favourite TV programmes? How much TV do you watch each week? Do you have a TV in your bedroom?


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What's your favourite sport? How often do you play? Have you won any medals? What's the most popular sport in your country?


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children running out of school

Tell us all about your school. What are the best and the worst things about your school? 


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Have you got a pet? If so, tell us all about it. If not, would you like to have a pet? Which animals do you think make the best pets?

My favourite day

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Two boys using laptop

What is your favourite day? Read about some favourite days and post a comment below to tell us about your favourite day of the week.


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Boy playing drums.

Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what do you play? What sort of music do you like listening to? 

Best friends

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Have you got a best friend? What is she or he like? When and where did you meet? Why do you get on so well? Do you ever have arguments? Tell us about your best friend.