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Why choose cambridge exam

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  • A level of English for demanding study and work environments.
    Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) shows that a student has the language ability to carry out complex research, communicate effectively at a professional level – and stand out from the crowd.

  • Real-life English language skills.
    Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) offers proof of the English skills that education institutions and employers seek for high-achieving study and work situations. 

  • Worldwide availability.
    There are 37 exam dates every year, at 1,300 exam centres in 113 countries all over the world. Find an exam centre

  • Comprehensive support for students and teachers.
    Students have access to free practice papers, and teachers can download free lesson plans, worksheets, games and classroom activities.

  • High-quality assessment.
    From a department of the University of Cambridge. 


Pretesting – ensuring our exams are reliable

Before any of our exams are released for use, up to 150,000 real learners around the world pretest them to ensure that they are accurate and fair.