What you (don’t) need on the day of the examination (ECCE)

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Michigan examination
On the day of the examination, you need to:
  • have your identity card, passport, driving licence or temporary identity card (‘tautoprosopia’ with a stamped photo) from the official authority. If you do not bring one of the above mentioned documents, you will not be allowed to enter the examination room.
  • have the receipt issued by the Hellenic American Union
  • bring a watch or clock, a soft (#2) pencil and an eraser
  • be at the testing center at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the test
  • follow the instructions given by the examiner in charge
  • behave in a manner that will facilitate the test procedure
  • remain calm and focused on your exam and don’t allow stress to affect you. Staying calm and collected is useful advice throughout the test!
On the day of the examination, do not:
  • bring your cell phones or other electronic devices (all kinds of portable media players, etc)
  • bring a pen
  • bring books, notes, or other aids
  • feel stressful

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