How to Find out What Your Favorite Animal Is

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    List some of animals you like a lot. Need help? Try (click on full list). Try to put some of these in order of how much you like them. If you seem to like cats more don't be afraid to look at more dog-like animals, like foxes. Same is true for other animals.
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    Research those animals a bit. Do you like how beautiful, or how elaborate they look? How do they act? Are they harmless? Shy? Energetic? Friendly? Aggressive? Try to answer all kinds of questions! This might help you narrow down on your decisions. Try wikipedia and (click on animals).
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    Think about what you like about this animal. Try and describe it to yourself. Look at some pictures and think about what it's personality seems like to you.
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    Know that it's fine to choose any animal, and don't be afraid of what others might think if you choose something that might seem a little strange.
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    Choose your favorite animal. This animal might tell you something about yourself, if you have chosen carefully and fitting to your tastes. If you chose something broad like dog or cat you might want to narrow it down a bit. Try choosing between domestic and wild or small medium and large. Don't mask your personality, people like unique! Once you have found it, you know more about yourself. Your own taste in creatures. Be proud. So if you have your favorite animal…
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    Share it with others!

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